Penis Enlargement Technique Three

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This is one of the ancient sexual secrets. It involves stretching the penis in both flaccid & erect state.

As is the case with most of these Ancient methods and healings, it is a little esoteric and describes some practices that may be unfamiliar to you. But for purposes of this manual, we will print the technique as it is described in the Taoist teachings:

Inhale the air through your nose into the throat, then swallow and press it down to the stomach.

When the air reaches your lower abdomen, press it into the penis itself.

Take the 3 middle fingers of your left hand and press them to the Hui-Yin midpoint between the anus and the scrotum. This lodges the power in your penis.

Resume normal breathing, still keeping the left fingers at the midpoint. With your right hand, begin exercising the penis by pulling it forward & backward, stretching it out in a smooth rhythmical motion 36 times.

Use your thumb to rub the glans of the penis until it is erect.

With your right hand, circle the penis firmly at its base. Still holding firmly, slide your hand forward an inch.

This locks the air energy into the penis, pushing it toward the head. Pull the penis out to the right, then rotate with a stirring action 36 times clockwise and counter- clockwise.

Then pull the penis out to the left and do the same.

The energy of many of your body organs flows into the penis, which enhances its tone and function.

Complete the exercise by gently beating the inner right thigh with your erect penis 36 times, then beat the inner left thigh 36 times.

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