Penis Enlargement

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Penis Enlargement

The techniques and exercises in this manual are recommended by doctors world-wide. I am not responsible for misuse of this product.
It is the responsibility of the user to thoroughly read the safety, warm-up, warm-down procedures prior to beginning this program.

The exercise techniques, if used improperly can damage the penis. The Resource Manual clearly indicates any possible safety issues that may arise while using these techniques.

Your penis is divided into three chambers which are made of a spongy tissue. This tissue absorbs blood as it rushes to the penis, creating an erection.

If you can perform the right exercises, these three chambers will gradually expand and eventually be able to hold more blood. This creates a larger Penis!
The key to growing the penis is expanding the erectile tissue.

When you first engage in penis enlargement your flaccid size will increase rapidly for about the first 1.5 inches. At this same stage you will gain roughly 1 inch in erect size.
So, in the beginning you’ll gain 1.5 inches in the flaccid state and 1 inch in the erect state. The rate and overall effectiveness of Enlargement, however, depends on numerous things like your physiology and current size.

For example, if you are currently 7.5 inches, your penis will probably not grow 3 inches to 10.5. If your erect penis is currently 5.0 inches, then expect that it will be around 6.5 inches within about 90 days!

Firstly, read through this manual carefully and make sure you understand each exercise. Once you’ve found the techniques that you’re comfortable using, stick with them. Here are a few tips before you get started.
Make sure you measure your penis first…

FLACCID: Get a ruler and place it over your penis. Then Push the ruler back into your abdomen as far as it will go. Hold your limp penis along the ruler and measure to the tip of the head.


ERECT: While standing, gently angle your erect penis until is is parallel to the floor. Press the ruler against your pubic bone (just above the base of the penis) and measure from top to tip. It may be easier to measure by standing with your knees locked and grabbing the penis from the bottom, just behind the head on either side.

Press ruler against your pubic bone, and measure on top of penis as you pull it out as far as you can.

Try moving your pelvis or changing the angle to see what variations can occur during this type of measurement.

Once you’ve figured out how to measure to get the same result as your erect length, you will find that this measurement is easier and more convenient than measuring your actual erection.


GIRTH: With a piece of string or cloth measuring tape, measure the circumference of your erect penis at mid-shaft.


CUT YOUR PUBIC HAIR: Not only does this make your penis look bigger, but it helps when you’re doing some of these exercises. When stretching, pulling and “milking” your penis, you don’t want to be pulling your hairs out!

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