Eat and Take Vitamins

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Eat and Take Vitamin


In order to eliminate any possibility of slow growth, make sure you’re getting an ample amount of nutrients.

The proper levels of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins DO have an effect on the workout process. Also, drink lots of water!


Your mentality has a lot to do with the growth of your penis. If you don’t believe that enlargement will work, it’s very likely that your subconscious will make it more difficult to physically grow the penis. A positive attitude is essential.

As we’ve said, these exercises demand COMPLETE 100% devotion. You MUST perform them 5 DAYS A WEEK. If at any time, though, you begin to feel discomfort or pain, take a little time off. You only want to enlarge your penis, not hurt it.

Remember, by applying tension, pulling, pressure, stretching, or expansion to a penis you are creating a force which will spit the cells in the penis.

You want to be sure to split the cell and break it down just enough to ensure structural balance on a SAFE level as to allow for the normal healing processes.

By forcing the division of too many cells, because of too much pressure, you are creating ugly healing which will create a distorted penis, possibly with no rate of gains. So again we stress…


If performed correctly and routinely, you will soon begin to see the results you hope for. Within the first few weeks or so, your penis will actually start looking LONGER AND THICKER.

That should be all the encouragement you need to keep up with your daily exercises!
When performing the jelqing exercise, you will need to apply a lubricant on your penis.

Do NOT use soap or shampoo!

These can irritate the skin when applied so vigorously and for so long to the skin. It can also dry out the skin severely, causing it to crack and peel for a few days.

Furthermore, it can sting if it gets into the hole (the urethral opening) at the end of your penis.
Vaseline (Petrolium jelly) works, but.. be forewarned.. it’s greasy and makes a mess. Another downside is that Vaseline is so thick, it may not allow you to move your hand as fast as you’d like.

Baby Oil also works, but it is also very messy and leaves stains.

One of your best bets is using Vaseline Intensive Care. It cleans up fairly easily, is slippery, it lasts long, and lets you go as fast as you want when performing the exercises.

Be aware of when and when not to engage in penis enlargement. You should consult a urologist if you have a disease which may alter blood circulation, oxygenation, and regeneration of tissues which exists under the conditions of advanced diabetes, respiratory instability, and cirrhosis. As you’re doing your workout, here are some symptoms to be aware of:

Blisters are a result of too much pressure on the penis for a prolonged period of time. You want pressure, but don’t overdo it!

Red sores are a result of too much stretch. In order to avoid this, hold off on your exercises until the blisters have disappeared.

Nerve inflammation is caused by using too much weight, too often, for too long of a period. This will distort the nerves within the penis and cause them to swell. If the swelling continues, then atrophy might occur. This means you won’t be able to get an erection again.

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