Massage Workout Introduction

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Workout Introduction
Now that we’ve explained each of the exercises, it’s time to apply them in a daily workout program. This, men, is the moment of truth!

If you really want a LARGER PENIS, you MUST perform these exercises as explained.

These are VERY POWERFUL methods that have been PROVEN! They’ve worked for us, they’ve worked for thousands of clients, and they’ve worked for hundreds of thousands of men throughout history! So believe us when we say.. THEY WILL WORK FOR YOU!!

This is OUR suggested Workout Program. You MUST do this program for ONE HOUR EVERY DAY, 5 DAYS A WEEK. Be sure to take 2 days off a week (consecutively or not), as this is your “healing” time when your cells rebuild after they’ve been broken down.

Do this, and you should start seeing results within the next 3 weeks.

Once you witness this penis growth for yourself, you won’t want to stop this program, nor should you! Remember… Knowledge, Commitment, Growth. These exercises have been designed not only for penis enlargement, but also for a better self-esteem and personal satisfaction.


For this workout, we have included OUR recommended techniques for the exercises you have just read about. If you think you’d like to try one of the other techniques, go ahead and do so. But whichever techniques you decide to use, make sure you stick with them and give them a chance to work.

If after a month you find that one of the exercises isn’t working for you (which is rare!), then try a different technique. Always refer to the instructions for ANY of the exercises whenever you need to.

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