Penis-Size Paranoia


saizpisangOur contemporary world suggests that a man must have a penis that is between 10 and 20 inches or he is an inferior male who cannot really please a woman. Our world further suggests that unless a man has a penis the size of his forearm or the size of a horse’s penis, then by default the woman is sexually unhappy and secretly she is longing for a man with a bigger penis.

We could tell you that this is absolutely not true – but you wouldn’t believe us…

We could try to tell you not to worry about your penis size – that it is so far down on a woman’s list of what is important that it is effectively a complete non-issue…but we won’t because we know you wouldn’t listen…

The fact is, men are always going to be concerned about the size of their penis…

…so, all we are hoping to accomplish here is to give you some input and some insight that will hopefully help you overcome your paranoia you have over the size of your penis and help you get on with having a great sex life…

See For Yourself

If you were to watch adult female masturbation videos, such as

• Real Sex Magazine: All Masturbations
• Real Female Masturbation
• 100% Masturbation
• Female Masturbation Sensations

You would see girls masturbating solo and the guy doing the movie providing them with vibrators and dildos of all different sizes. Guess what else you would see? You would see these girls reaching right past the big toys and picking up a small one. Guess what else you would see? You would see that these girls stimulating their clitorises and inserting the toys 1 – 2 inches deep.

So let me ask you…if big and deep were important, why do they pick up the little toys and barely stick them in? In these movies, these girls achieve orgasm after orgasm on little toys that are barely inserted into their vagina.

The point is that big and deep isn’t important to a woman. You can give your woman orgasm after orgasm – no matter what the size of your penis is.

It’s A Matter Of (Her) Anatomy

You see, there is a particularly good reason why these women barely insert the dildos and vibrators into their vaginas.

Sexologists who have spent years researching the female G-Spot have scientifically determined that the G-Spot is located right at the top-front of the vagina in 70% of all women. By top-front, this means that a woman who has learned to control her G-Spot can actually push it outwards to where it is visible when you pull her pussy lips apart. In different words, if a man were to stick his index finger right up to the first joint (about 1 inch) and touch the top of 70% of all women’s vaginas, he would be touching their G-Spot.

For the remainder of women, these sexologists say the G-Spot is positioned as follows:

• 10% – on the top, 2 – 3 inches inside the vagina
• 10% – on the top, 3 – 4 inches inside the vagina
• 10% – on the top, spread from the front to about 5 inches inside the vagina

This tells us that if all you had was a 3 inch penis, you could easily satisfy 80% of the women in the world.

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